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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to have a good credit score, but you can't be in the dark. Your credit score is one of the main tools financial institutions, like banks and credit card companies, use to decide whether to offer you credit. So if you're going to keep that credit score in good shape, you've got to stay one step ahead. Drop all that late night cramming. What you need is CleverCredit. While there are other credit score apps out there, only CleverCredit gives you easy-to-follow steps and advice to improve your credit score.

Powerful tools & resources


The launching pad to your credit planning! Quickly access the array of tools & resources found throughout CleverCredit!

Full Credit File

Access to full Credit File - presenting you with detailed information that may have a direct impact on their credit score.


Simulator & Calculator

The Target Score Simulator® & Best Use Of Funds Calculator equip you with a detailed, prescriptive way to achieve your optimal score.

Credit Coaching

A valuable online library with educational materials to help propel your credit planning.

Discover great features

The CleverCredit solution guides you through specific, personalized steps to help you achieve your optimal credit score.

Full Credit File

See a full report with the detailed information that could be impacting your credit score - including your personal information, past and current accounts, credit inquiries, and more.

Target Score Simulator

Enter your "Target Score" into our Target Score Simulator and CleverCredit will give you a plan of action to reach your goal in the shortest amount of time possible.

Money Calculator

With the Money Calculator, you can enter a Dollar Amount that you'd like to put towards Paying-Down existing debt. CleverCredit will generate a prescribed list of Recommended Actions that will help you achieve the most positive potential score change.

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